You step on your floor more often than you realize, so you need it installed just right. We can do flooring for you to ensure durability. We take the aesthetic value your floor holds on the whole building seriously. Options to consider are patterns and quality of flooring. Beautiful floors light up the whole room. Types of flooring that you can consider are hard (like concrete, which is extremely durable), hardwood, ceramic tile, rubber, marble, cork, laminate, bamboo, or linoleum. Marble and tile floors are a fantastic option for your business premises due to their appeal and sense of class. A few things to consider when making flooring choices is whether it’s for personal or commercial reasons, your budget, your decorating ideas and the look you’re going for. We are available to do flooring for you. Turning your ideas into reality is something we pride in. Whatever look you want is what we give you.

Our installers have strong business knowledge in the flooring industry and have great technical skills. Our crew will arrive with the proper tools, supplies and plans to ensure a job well done.

We specialize in New Flooring installation for both homes and businesses a like. Sometimes a fresh new roll of carpet is the perfect way to breath new life into a room.

Besides a new install there is always repairs to be had. Tired of those unsightly cracks, spots and marks that just always seem to draw your attention. Just call on the King’s crew to fix you up and problem solved.

Aside from new installations or repairs we are also proud to provide sanding and refinishing services. We specialize in reviving those old scratched,worn,chipped,or dented hardwood floors.  

Making flooring choices can be a bit tedious and stressful. Here are a few questions to ease the decision-making process.

  • What is your budget?
  • What building requires flooring? It could be a cottage or a stone structure.
  • Is it for your home or business premises?
  • What decoration ideas do you have?
  • Do you want it to be durable?
  • What flooring choice will best complement the rest of the building?


There are many types of flooring. Take your sweet time and make the choice that makes you happy.

At King’s painting, our task is to do the flooring for you giving you the best results for your home or office. Flooring installation is a job we approach with much tactic and technique. 


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